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mcfassy icons!

James Mcavoy; 9 icons.
Micheal Fassbender; 3 icons.
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well, shit.

in other news, i finally know how to use the 'friends' page.

so, it`s the end ...

Of 2OO9 c':
time for a mandatory good and bad of the year!

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anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! C:


Dec. 14th, 2009

I think I'm gonna take a break in updating c:
In other words, semi-hiatus!~
Will be lurking along lj, though.

Also, for those who haven't seen it yet, the fa~abulous u-kiss pimp post.


I'm addicted to this song.

Okay, I'm dissapearing now.

[info]kpopficwangst will open on 24Dec.


From kpopficwangst , an anon was in the mood for one-sentence fic.

So I posted 'hyungwhore'.
And this is what she replied ;

Taemin watched from the sidelines, with a somewhat awed expression on his face, as Donghae nipped at Minho's earlobe with his teeth while Eunhyuk was struggling to remove Minho's pants.


adiehafnfcjdsk ♥♥♥
I died.

kpopficwangst was so much fun ♥

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Also, sorry itsaconspiracy for the delay on the fic >w<;;
I ended up procrastinating in kpopficwangst and when it was full, I went to do some... stuff >w<;;
I'll get it done as soon as I can, really!
fandom: BEAST/B2ST
author: rainaria
disclaimer: nope, don’t own and/or know them. wish i did though D:
summary: doojoon doesn’t have any experience on being a leader.
a/n: for an anon in kpopficwangst who requested a leader!doojoon.
first k-pop related fic, so much fail.
word count: 240 words

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I have an author tag! 8DD

sarangie final round ♥

I'm bored.
Like, really bored. And I have almost a month to waste.
I want some class to join, but I'm too lazy to look for one =_=;;

On other non-real-life related news, u-kiss is climbing up my fandom ladder pretty quick ♥

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pics from omonatheydidnt .

found a new k-group

They are called u-kiss.
They're not bad, really.
1:28 reminds me of BEAST's dance in Bad Girl, AJ's dancing solo.
I like BEAST better though, but they're pretty cool.
And like Minho, my love begun from macros, thanks to this entry in kpop_macros.
They're sexy, but they don't even show any skin ;DD

ELI. I love him SFM.
Thanks itsmyconspiracy for making those macros <33

taeyang -- wedding dress

TaeYang looked so.., OMGSOFUCKINGHANDSOME in this.
I love his vest outfit ♥
Personally, though, I preferred Look Only at Me than this and/or Where U At.
But the piano parts ♥

I kinda expected that she wasn't gonna marry him.
That part is so sad...
Starting from the middle of the vid, I was like, OMGGTFOOTHERGUY.
Poor Taeyang, he loved her so much.
Watching on the sidelines as his love was getting married...
But she seemed happy to be married to the other guy.

The other guy's handsome too, lol.
My heart shook a little.
Kind of felt the pain and heartbreak.

TaeYang's amazing.
His voice is beautiful, he can really dance and he's really handsome ;DD

I also want to know who hires the females in all YG's MV.
They're so talented!~ ♥
I mean, from HaruHaru to Lies to GD's solo songs and TaeYang's solos.
The females are all, wow ♥

And, that's about it 8D